About us

About us

Bedrock Investments is an investment management group specialised in hotels and resorts in Spain and Portugal. 

We have a deep knowledge of the market in Iberia and our highly skilled team identifies opportunities and structures, executes and operates investments with high IRR potential. 

We have an extensive network in Iberia of brokers, lawyers, project managers, architects and hotels experts and operators, in order to provide best in class investment management services to our investors and partners.

Bedrock Investments was founded by Cristian Iosif, CEO. 

Cristian has over 30 years business experience and a passion for building companies. Before founding Bedrock Investments, he has founded and managed a luxury residential real estate company in Spain, a commercial real estate investment management company in Romania and a marketing consultancy firm serving multinational clients in seven countries in South Eastern Europe. 

Our management team includes financial experts, brokers, property lawyers, tax lawyers, hotel management experts, architects and project managers with experience at some of the most reputable firms in their fields such as CBRE, KPMG, Chapman Taylor Architects, Martinez Echevarria Avocados, Marriott Hotels.


In such a competitive environment, we believe the path to success involves an outstanding ability to see the untapped potential where others don’t. 

Our fundament is a constant flow of high quality business intelligence, power of analysis and conceptualisation and best in class abilities to execute and manage. 

We also believe that Spain and Portugal continue to have enormous potential in presenting investment opportunities that can generate high IRRs, when existing assets are identified and correctly repositioned, according to the new trends on the market.

Therefore, we are focused on Value Added and Opportunistic strategies in hotels and resorts in Spain and Portugal, with an aim to achieve an IRR of 20% or more for our investors and partners, for every project we embark on.



Address: Oasis Business Centre, First Floor, Ctra de Cádiz Km 176 · Marbella, Ma 29600 · Spain.

Phone: + 34 674 866 274

Mail: contact@bedrockinvestgroup.com

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